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This service is particularly designed to benefit clients who find it difficult to schedule the time to visit us in person by minimizing the need for initial routine meetings. We hope you will find this a valuable time-saving facility with the option of regular e-mail progress reports on your transaction all at no extra cost to you.

Each category within this section contains a general overview & discussion of the law relating to that topic designed to provide basic information and guidance prior to obtaining specific legal advice but it is not a substitute to obtaining such advice.

If after considering the general overview information, you want to instruct us to carry out work for you under that category, you should continue into the second section which contains either a fully interactive facility or a details/information form for completion to enable us to provide you with effective assistance and advice. Alternatively, if you would prefer not to submit details via these pages over the Internet we are happy to take your instructions in person, by telephone, fax or e-mail - please visit our Contact Us page for details.

No charge is made for accessing the first section of any topic and as recommended by The Law Society of Scotland's Guidance Manual we provide clear details of the method by which our costs are calculated before we commence any work instructed.

To assist us in monitoring the usage of this site and determining demand for particular topics please first complete your details, press the 'CONTINUE' button to activate the menu.  While we do not maintain a database of access to this website, we reserve the right to contact you using the details given, for the purpose of verifying those details only and to block future access for anyone suspected of submitting misleading details.

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